3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Haircut and Style

Look, we get it. Choosing the right haircut and style can be a tough decision. You may only treat yourself to the perfect haircut once or twice a year so you want to get it right. After all, there is no turning back. These 3 tips and considerations will help guide you and your stylist to finding the perfect cut. 

Be Honest

If you don’t blow-dry your hair every day, then say so. The cut you want may be high maintenance and you won’t get the same effect if you air dry. Work with your natural texture to help ensure that the haircut suits you, not an image that you fell in love with and possibly won’t be able to create on your own.

Your Lifestyle Matters

Your lifestyle plays a big role when deciding on the haircut that is right for you.

Not only for hair color, but for haircuts as well. 

Yes, your haircut looks amazing post-professional blowout, but how will it look day in and day out when you are the one styling your hair?

Here are some questions and considerations when thinking about your hair and lifestyle relationship:

  • How often do you work out and wash your hair?
  • Can you use a blow-dryer?
  • Do you know how to use a round brush?
  • Are you more of a wash and wear person?
  • Do you prefer to air dry your hair?
  • Do you get regular professional blowouts?
  • Are you proficient in styling your own hair or are you all thumbs and it never looks right when you are done?

Before your stylist picks up the scissors it is best to discuss the day to day. Having answers to these questions allows your hair stylist to figure out what type of cut makes the most sense for you on a practical level, as well as an aesthetic one.

Describe Your Ideal Length

As a general rule, don’t talk in inches. Talk where you want the hair to land. For example, “I want it to be below my shoulders” or “I want it to be chin length”, then point to where. Your stylist will work with you and this visual is more precise than talking inches.

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Bianca Vayna

Bianca is the owner of Lovisa Salon - a luxury hair salon in Hyde Park Cincinnati. She worked at premiere salons throughout Beverly Hills for over 20 years and L’Oréal as an Education Development Trainer prior to opening Lovisa Salon.

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