5 Rules for Men’s Hair & Scalp

Men’s hair needs love and attention too! Believe it or not, men’s haircuts and styles can be just as simple or complex as women’s. Follow these 5 rules for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair for men.

Don't Fight The Cowlick

Cowlicks are parts of your hair that grow in different direction from the rest and tend to show more on shorter hair. They resist lying flat like the rest of your hair and can be frustrating to style.

Instead of fighting your cowlick, find the right hair style to deal with the cowlick. You can either cut it very short, so it’s not able to stand up, or it needs to be long enough to lay down (at least 2 inches). A seasoned stylist will know which of these options is best for your hair.

Activate Your Hair Follicles

Use a scalp scrub to aid in a healthy scalp, activate hair follicle growth and deep clean. If you use a lot of products, you are prone to scalp buildup. Use a scalp scrub once a week or every other week.
We at Lovisa Salon work with products for scalp and microbiome care. When imbalanced, it gives away to scalp dysfunctions. The harmony between skin and the microbiota is essential to a healthy scalp and hair.

The Longer The Hair, The More Conditioner You Need

Unlike short hair which does not require much conditioner, longer hair does. When applying conditioner, don’t focus too much on the roots, just the mid length of the hair and the very ends. Leave it on 3-5 minutes before you rinse it out.

Brush Before You Shampoo

Don’t forget to completely brush your hair before you shampoo while your hair is still dry. Start from the ends to get all the knots out, up to the scalp which will help with exfoliating the scalp before you shampoo your hair.

This will prevent your hair from knotting up. Only put shampoo on your scalp, don’t work it out through the rest of your hair. Shampoos are meant to remove oil and bacteria from your scalp to keep the scalp healthy for the hair to grow. When you rinse it, the shampoo lightly goes over the surface which is all it needs.

Hydration Is The Key For Textured Hair

The more curls and coarseness of your hair texture, the more moisture you need. Using a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo with a hydrating conditioning mask will help you retain moisture.

Make sure to follow up with a conditioner that is meant for coarse or curly hair. This will help the hair stay hydrated and healthy. Using a lightweight oil can also help seal in moisture which is extremely important for curly, coarse and textured hair. Hair oils don’t look greasy and won’t leave a buildup on the hair.

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Bianca is the owner of Lovisa Salon - a luxury hair salon in Hyde Park Cincinnati. She worked at premiere salons throughout Beverly Hills for over 20 years and L’Oréal as an Education Development Trainer prior to opening Lovisa Salon.

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