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Think undone, cool surfer girl hair, like you spent the summer at the beach.

What is balayage?

Balayage is a technique not a specific look. This technique originated in France around the 70’s. The loose meaning of balayage (bay-lee-aghe) is “to sweep or “to paint” the product onto the hair. Think of undone, cool surfer girl hair, like you spent the summer at the beach. This technique gives you finer highlighted pieces on the top with more brightness on the ends. Along with brighter pops close to the hairline aka the ‘Money Piece” and some brightness added to the front of the hair along the face.

Balayage is a more modern twist on classic foil work. It gives a modern dimension to the hair with a soft grow out. This coloring technique creates rich and dimensional hand-painted highlights. For a beautiful multi-tonal, natural look that gives prominence to any haircut. Though they create stunning results when combined, there is a noticeable difference between the outcomes of balayage vs. highlights.

Balayage vs. Highlights

When doing balayage, stylists are painting the color in one sweeping stroke to create highlights and low lights. Whereas with foil, the hair is weaved, placed in a foil, then product is applied.

While highlights with foils tend to generate more pronounced streaks of color throughout the hair, balayage provides a smoother, more blended color transition and a more natural-looking appearance.

Balayage is overall a warm result; think of honey, caramel and golden tones. If you want more of a cooler tone like toffee, mushroom, beige or pearl. Foil work is your best bet.

Balayage is best on natural/uncolored hair. With natural hair meaning no color, you are able to get a cleaner lift with lighter results. Balayage can be done on hair that does get color, it will just have some limitations to the level of lightness that can be achieved.

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