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Our Cincinnati Hair Stylists offer haircuts and styles for every type of hair.

Delivering the Perfect Cut for Your Hair

Lovisa Salon stands out as one of the premiere hair salons in Cincinnati for a reason. Our stylists work with you every step of the way to ensure you leave our salon with a haircut and style that makes you feel beautiful, confident and proud.

Our team takes a number of factors into consideration when recommending a style that’s right for you including the texture and density of your hair, face shape and the lifestyle you live.

Knowing what hair style you want can be a complicated decision to make, but our team is here to make it easy and an experience you deserve. If you are looking for advice on where to start, we’ve put together a blog with 3 tips for finding the perfect hairstyle.

A blowout is when your hair is blow-dried and styled with a round brush and finished with hot tools (depending on the style).

There are many different looks you can get with a blowout including straight and sleek, beach waves or curls – to name a few.

Blowouts are the final finish of a haircut. They also can be a stand-alone service. Perfect for an upcoming special occasion, date night, family pictures, or just because. You deserve it.

Curly Cuts

Curly Cuts are for those who are never going to blow-dry their hair straight. You need to come in with clean hair and no, or minimal product in the hair. The hair is cut dry, in its natural state, so your stylist can cut the curls where they live naturally, and thus creating a beautiful shape.

After the cut is done, the hair is shampooed and moisturized, proper hair products are applied, and a combination of a diffuser and a hair dryer are used.

If you have a skilled stylist who understands curly hair, like at Lovisa Salon, you can achieve a very similar look by cutting on wet hair. The good thing about this is if you do get a blow-dry, even if it is only a few times a year, this cut will look good both in its natural state or blown out.

Dry Cutting

By drying the hair and smoothing it into how you’d typically style it, you get a better sense in terms of texture. This also lets your stylist see exactly how your hair shapes. You can immediately tell where to remove excess length or density or where to leave strands as they are. Also, if you are wanting to remove minimal length, this can be done on dry hair, so you are literally just nipping the ends of the hair, otherwise known as “dusting the ends.”

Sometimes a cut is a combination of dry and wet. The perimeter is cut wet but the customizing and detail is done dry so the stylist can see how the hair lays and falls.

Red Carpet

This look is what it sounds like. Think of elegant styling, glamorous hair or old Hollywood glamour. We take inspiration from looks worn on the red carpet and work with you on creating a Red-Carpet moment. This is perfect for weddings, receptions, awards, public speaking, photos, anytime where a little more elegance is desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

That answer is determined by your hairstyle, hair goals, the chemical process you put your hair through, and how often you use hot tools.

Long Hair: It is recommended to be trimmed every 8-12 weeks. To keep it healthy and keep its shape.

Medium Length (think of hair around your shoulders.): Typically the same rules apply as long hair. It is recommended to get a trim/shaping every 8-10 weeks.

Short Hair: To keep its shape, it is best to get a trim every 4 to 6 weeks.

If you are doing clipper cuts or pixies that is best every 4-5 weeks.

Be Honest, Describe the Length, & Understand Your Lifestyle. Read the full guide on choosing the right hairstyle here.

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From On trend looks, to low maintenance haircuts and color, our artists have you covered. 

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