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Men's Cuts

The goal of most men is to spend as little time as possible on their hair. That is why going short seems to be the answer for most.

With that being said, it’s just as important with men’s cuts to look at the texture, lifestyle, face shape, and maintenance you want to put into styling your hair. All this should be discussed with your stylist.

Hair Tips for Men

Don’t Over Shampoo

You don’t want to over shampoo your hair as this can strip your natural oils leaving your hair and scalp dry and frizzy. If you under shampoo, then you can clog your hair follicles and create hair loss and scalp issues. As a general rule, shampooing once a day is recommended if you are very active, otherwise every other day.¬†Working with your lifestyle will help with this.

Use Quality Products

Using high quality products and conditioner makes a difference. This is a must if you have any type of texture, frizz or are prone to flyaways.

Use the Right Products

Using the correct shampoo, conditioner and styling products aid in achieving amazing hair that looks and feels great. We are here to help you with not only your hair needs but your scalp needs as well. First step to having healthy hair is having a healthy scalp!

Your Hair Needs Love Too

Being out in the elements, like the sun, wind, dry or humid air will have a toll on your hair. Just like your skin, your hair needs some TLC too.

To learn more about achieving healthy hair read our:

5 Rules for Men’s Hair & Scalp Guide

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